Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Problems of Girl Child Domestic Servants

Child domestic servants is known as an problem in Pakistan, but no one can feel the pain and torture from which a child domestic servants passes through. Few months ago, a young girl servant burnt to death by owner's young son because she refused to begin sexual relation with the boy and his friends. This news hurts me the more when I hear this and it’s really leads me to think about that are we the Muslims? Who taught to treat with servants with good behavior and like for them those things as we like for our own self.
In big cities, there is most common trend of child domestic servant. Where children work for long hours and they also not have education and free time, often they suffers from verbal and physical abuse and these girls are also helpless to sexual misuse. These are some problems which these girl domestic servants have from their owners but there are a number of examples in our history where young girl servants have been victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and face carelessness of society.

Mostly these domestic servants’ girls are under the age of 18 years and facing many sorts of blames from their owners. They do many big home tasks from their small hands and the blame of theft is the most common blame that all these poor servants time to time received, from their owners. At any time, the family lost or misplaced anything they blame them and due to this theft blame, female child domestic servants often experienced physical violence, like slapping or punching, or threat of police. Most of the time these domestic servants not pay their dues at the time they need this and there may be sometimes blame on the character of these poor girls that they are characterless. No one thinks that they also have self respect. These domestic servants may suffer from serious health disorders but they work hard all the daylong in there bad health condition but no one care for their medical treatment. I only discussed the some of the most common problems which these domestic servants’ faces but there are a number of problems and various forms of violence and mistreatment are still unknown. 

In big cities, there should establish a helpline, specifically for female child domestic workers, to help them in troubled situation. There is a great need to start evening school and health programmes, especially for female child domestic workers. Media can help to spread awareness through electronic and print media about the problems of female child domestic workers among peoples. However, the Pakistani media have been again and again reporting on the abuse and violence that child girl domestic servant often suffers at the hands of their owners. Let’s see when the people have positive behavior toward these poor.

Woman Harassment in Pakistan

In Islam, women’s are given heights position. Islam gives them respect and honor. The working Women’s and the female students of Pakistani society faces many problems in society from the dominate class of the society, which is male. The most serious problem which I am going to mention there is the harassment, which these women’s faces from the male members of the society.
Working women’s and female students of Pakistan mostly facing three types of harassments at work place and also at the time of transportation to these places, which are mental harassment, physical harassment and sexual harassment. Male members of Pakistani society attitudes toward female members of society are very bad.
At the places where the male and males works together, usually women’s many problems from males workers, including sexual harassment and whenever the working women’s and female students going to their school, colleges, universities and also to their work places; they face harassment from the males which is one of the hurdle in their education and also in the way of the economic development of the female of the Pakistani society. At the time of working with males and going outside the home, this harassment is in the form of shameless staring and vulgar remarks, which make a painful experience for these females to go alone outside the home.
At the time of travelling in a public transport, drivers and bus contactors took advantage of the situation and harassing women; sometimes by touching, staring or playing loud vulgar songs but the women travelers usually avoided complaining to anyone because they feel too embarrassed to tell anybody.

Some students cannot afford the pick and drop service due to expenses so they travel by the public transport. The drivers and some males try to sit close to females to harass them.
The women harassment in the public transport vehicles, makes these women’s upset and they feel anxiety, insecurity and disturbance and many working women even leave their jobs because of this harassment when this harassment come into knowledge of the male members of these female students and working women’s. This single issue may damage the careers of working women’s and female students.

Different kind of violence, faced by Pakistani women’s

In Pakistani society women’s faces many problems. Despite the Pakistan is a Muslim country and Islam gives many rights to these women’s and Islam prohibited violence against women’s but women’s in Pakistani society face these problems on every level either on low and on high level. Usually most of the women are who faces these problems and violence is mostly belonging to illiterate and backward areas. There are many forms of violence and problems which these Pakistani women’s faces.
There are many forms of domestic violence in Pakistan usually in which, includes beatings, sexual violence or torture, blame on women’s that these are characterless, acid throwing and burning the women. Domestic violence in Pakistan not considered a crime and considered a family matter and private issue of a family.
Rape is one of the most common violence against women but usually on these topics victims do not talk and hide these issues from the others. Many cases of sexual harassment come on the scene in Pakistan every day. Most of the time rape violence against women considers a punishment and it usually practice to take revenge from the women’s due to any cause and family problem.
Trafficking include in the smuggling of the women. This violence against women increases day by day in Pakistan. Women from Pakistan smuggled in the foreign countries and these women are usually young and illiterate. Usually the poor women’s on the name of their betterment and economic benefits these women’s are smuggled in foreign countries.
In Pakistan there is a great issue against women, which is dowry. Many women in Pakistan burn due to the absence of dowry and after this it is claimed that it was only an accident or suicide. Although this rate decrease today but still, illiterate people of backward areas believe this that a bride without dowry not acceptable in society.
Acid throwing is also a form of violent  on womens in Pakistan as well as in other countries. Acid throw on the faces of the womens and burning them, and damages their skin. This form of violence also used to solve family disputes and property issues in Pakistan.
Head and eyebrow shaving is also a common practice of violence against womens in backward areas of Pakistan. Many issues come on scene of Head and eyebrow shaving every year in Pakistan. Usually on character of the womens blames imposed and on the name of honor their head and eyebrow removed.  
Karo Kari is the form of honor killings and violence against womens in Pakistan. Usually women’s are killed because they committed the crime of love marriage. Women in Pakistan are not allowed to marry a person of their choice. But the poor women are specially victims of this Karo Kari.
 Another common practice of violence against women in Pakistan is cutting off a women's nose on the blame of extra-marital relationship.
Qasas is also violence against women in the form of law.  Under this law if a person kills somebody and the family of the victim compromises with the killer then they are paid an agreed amount of money, land and of course women by the other family.
Marriage to the Holy Quran is very common violence against women in Pakistan especially in Sindh. Under this law a woman has to live without a husband throughout her life. Among the class of property owners it is a common practice and used to keep the land of their sisters and daughters.
Karo Kari is the form of honor killings and violence against womens in Pakistan. Usually women’s are killed because they committed the crime of love marriage. Women in Pakistan are not allowed to marry a person of their choice. But the poor women are specially victims of this Karo Kari.
Land and property rights are not given to women n Pakistan. Islam give women’s in the share of property of inheritance for their economic betterment but this right not given to the women and it is also a form of violence against womens in Pakistan.
Womens in Pakistan not given the right of decision on any issue of life they are just to obey their fathers, brothers and husbands. They do not have the right to decide about themselves because women are considered as foolish creatures according to the dominant social and cultural norms. Marriage of women’s is also a sort of trade between different families both in the rural and urban areas. This is against the violation of the rights of life of the women’s.
All these are the forms of violence, and the poor womens become the victim of this violence in Pakistan. Recently a bill passed by the parliament of the Pakistan for the purpose of save the women rights in Pakistan, but there is not such change in the behavior of Pakistani society toward womens.